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This is an all-in-one Speaker system with built-in LED lighting effects, the perfect solution for your parties and events.

The speaker incorporates a re-chargable battery or can be used with an outside 12v dc battery.

  • AQM-15A packs Bluetooth streaming and stereo pairing, so you can even create a wireless stereo pair with another AQM-15A speaker.

  • It has a built-in Media Player with support for playing music from your USB drives or SD cards plus, the FM radio is perfect for tailgating or the beach.

  • The full audio mixer gives you the inputs and outputs you need to turn any place into your private concert venue!

  • The user-controllable lighting can flash and change colors to the beat of the music, glow or pulse in a single color, or turn completely off. It is up to you.

  • The large carrying handles are integrated into the curved shape of the modern speaker design.

  • On the underside there is a 35mm speaker flange, which enables the speaker to be placed on any standard speaker stand.

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